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Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

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Welcome to the pages of the Working Group for Pen-Based Interfaces for Mathematics at ORCCA, the Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra.

Our objective is to identify, investigate and solve key problems in developing effective pen-based computer interfaces for doing mathematics. This includes a broad range of questions, ranging from portability of digital ink architectures, to semantically-defined direct manipulation of mathematical expressions.

Pen-based interfaces for mathematics can incorporate various techniques such as menu and palette selection, prompting areas, editing gestures, dictionary-based methods, as well as hand writing recognition.

Some of the projects underway in our group include:

  • Architectures for platform-independence of digital ink applications
  • Expression reorganization
  • Direct expression manipulation
  • Feature identification for character classification in large symbol sets
  • Analysis and exploitation of mathematical expression databases
  • Mathematical handwriting recognition

-- SMW

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Research Partners and Colloboratiors
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Positions Available

From time to time we have positions available for post-doctoral fellows, staff programmers, and graduate students at the Masters and PhD levels. If you are interested in such a position, please send E-mail to <watt(at)>.

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