A Handwriting Interface for Mathematical Expressions

Dr. Masakazu Suzuki
Graduate School of Mathematics
Kyushu University

Thursday, May 11, 2006
MC105b 10:30 am
Middlesex College


Currently, computer algebra systems have different interfaces and notations to input math expressions, sometimes preventing their easy use. There is no doubt that a handwriting interface for math should be one of the most intuitive and easy methods to work with computer algebra systems. In the lecture, the author describes the difficulty of handwritten math recognition and presents his idea to overcome them. There will be a demonstration of handwriting interface connected to a computer algebra system as well.

Talk Slides:

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About the Speaker:

Dr Suzuki is the principal architect behind the Infty system for mathematical document recognition. For several years he has been a leader in the field of mathematical handwriting recognition, and has been invited to speak on this topic at numerous international conferences. Dr Suzuki's mathematical research concentrates on complex analysis and affine algebraic geometry.