Pen-Based Interfaces for Mathematics

Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra


InkML Animation Applet

A java applet rendering InkML file with respect to time and pressure information. more >>

Run Applet (JVM v1.5 required)

Animated InkML images

Animated GIF imaged created from InkML files: data collected from a Tablet PC and stored in InkML format.

Work in Progress

PenMath Application

PenMath Application is a prototype instantiation of PenMath Framework on Tablet PCplatform.
It currently comprises

  • high-resolution ink collecting with Tablet PC or compatible pennabled devices,
  • plug-in math characters recognizer
  • prototype math renderer

Ink Component Plug-ins

Ink Component tool available for running inside Maple worksheet and Microsoft Word document.

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