Invited talks

Jean Della Dora Dynamical systems: An algorithmic point of view
Eugene Asarin Does Church-Turing thesis apply outside computer science?
Léon Brenig A Hidden Algebraic Structure in Quantum Mechanics
Claude Brezinski André-Louis Cholesky: his life and works
Alessandra Carbone From genomic signatures to genomic functional cores
Jean-Pierre Ramis Formal and numerical computation of invariants: from differential equations to q-difference equations
Tomàs Recio Muñiz Algebraic Machines
Stephen M. Watt Making Computer Algebra More Symbolic

Conference (temporary) schedule

Here is the program in ps / pdf.


1 Gema M Diaz-Toca, Henri Lombardi and Claude Quitte. Universal Decomposition Algebra
2 Chen Guoting. Unique normal forms for nilpotent vector fields of higher dimensions
3 Juan Carlos Benjumea Acevedo, Juan Núñez Valdés and Ángel Francisco Tenorio Villalón. A Computational Method to obtain the Law of the Nilpotent Lie Algebras $\mathfrak{g}_n$
6 Pedro Fortuny Ayuso. Ramifications and Singularities of Foliations
7 Mikhail V. Foursov and Christiane Hespel. Formal power series and polynomial dynamical systems
8 Raúl Falcón Ganfornina. Latin squares associated to principal autotopisms of long cycles. Application in Cryptography.
9 Masaru Takesue. A Bus-Based Semi-Completely-Connected Network for High-Performance On-Chip Systems
10 Christiane Hespel and Cyrille Martig. Noncommutative computing and rational approximation of multivariate series
11 Jorge Martín-Morales. Sudoku and Gröbner Bases
13 Claude Brezinski and Michela Redivo Zaglia. Some numerical analysis problems behind web search
14 Daniela Cheptea, Carlos Martin-Vide and Victor Mitrana. A New Operation on Words Suggested by DNA Biochemistry: Hairpin Completion
15 Boulier Francois, Lemaire Francois and Moreno Maza Marc. Well known theorems on triangular systems and the D5 principle
17 Tabera Luis Felipe. Computing the Algebraic Counterpart of a Tropical Plane Geometric Construction
18 Wenqin Zhou, David J Jeffrey and Robert Corless. Fraction-free forms of LU matrix factoring
19 Songxin Liang, David J Jeffrey and Stephen Watt. Component-free vector algebra in Aldor
22 Ekaterina Shemyakova and Franz Winkler. Obstacle to Factorization of LPDOs
23 FREDERIC FAUVET, Francoise Jung and JEAN THOMANN. Algorithms for the splitting of formal series; applications to alien differential calculus
24 Alexey Rosaev. The Parametric Instability of Motion at Resonance as a Source of Chaotic Behaviour at Studying a Restricted Three Body Problem
26 Katya Krupchyk and Jukka Tuomela. On Fredholm property of elliptic PDEs
28 khalide jbilou and Abderrahman bouhamidi. A Sylvester-Tikhonov regularization method in image restoration
29 BENMAKROUHA FARIDA and HESPEL CHRISTIANE. Colored Partitions and dynamical systems
30 Jean-Guillaume Dumas and Anna Urbanska. An introspective algorithm for the integer determinant
31 Jean-Marc Vincent. Markov Chains, Iterated System of Functions and Coupling time for Perfect Simulation
33 Arnaud Tonnelier. On the numerical simulation of nonlinear integrate-and-fire neurons
34 Roland Hildebrand. Self-similar Trajectories in Multi-input Systems
35 Marc Moreno Maza, Eric Schost and Wenqin Zhou. Primary decomposition of zero-dimensional ideals: Putting Monico's algorithm into practice
36 Marc Mezzarobba and Mohab Safey El Din. Computing roadmaps in smooth real algebraic sets
38 Robert Corless, Silvana Ilie and Greg Reid. Computational complexity of numerical solution of polynomial systems
89 Van-Dat Cung, Vincent Danjean, Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Thierry Gautier, Guillaume Huard, Bruno Raffin, Christophe Rapine, Jean-Louis Roch and Denis Trystram. Adaptive and Hybrid Algorithms: classification and illustration on triangular system solving
90 Xavier Dahan, Marc Moreno Maza, Eric Schost and Yuzhen Xie. On the complexity of the D5 principle
91 Marie-Laurence Mazure. Choosing spline spaces for interpolation
93 Elena Smirnova and Stephen Watt. Notation Selection in Mathematical Computing Environments
94 Saïd EL HAJJI, ABDELLATIF EL GHAZI,, Luc Giraud and Serge Gratton. Newton's Method and Common Eigenvector
98 Liliana Cojocaru. Decision Problems for CD Grammar Systems and Grammars with Regulated Rewriting