Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra
Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics

8th International Conference on
Mathematical Knowledge Management

MKM 2009

Grand Bend, Ontario (CANADA), 10-12 July 2009


Friday 10 July 4:20-6:00    General (Session Chair: Laurence Rideau)

25 min
A Review of Mathematical Knowledge Management
Carette, Farmer.
25 min
A Mathematical Approach to Ontology Authoring and Documentation
Lange, Kohlhase.
25 min
From Isothetic Tessellations to Web Tables
Nagy, Seth, Silversmith, Krishnamoorthy, Jandhyala, Padmanabhan.
25 min
Formal Proof: Reconciling Correctness and Understanding
Calude, Müller.

Saturday 11 July 8:30-10:30    Documents and Exercises (Session Chair: Robert Miner)

20 min
Some Drawbacks Appearing in Conversion of TeX Generated Documents to Adobe Acrobat PDF File Format
Pejovic, Mijajlovic.
25 min
The Characteristics of Writing Environments for mathematics
Gozli, Pollanen, Reynolds.
25 min
Canonical Forms in Interactive Exercise Assistants
Heeren, Jeuring.
25 min
Representation for Reusable Interactive Exercises

Saturday 11 July 11:00-12:00    Plenary Presentation

Some Traditional Mathematical Knowledge Management
Patrick Ion

Saturday 11 July 4:20-6:00    Representations 1 (Session Chair: Michael Kohlhase)

20 min
OpenMath in SCIEnce: SCSCP and POPCORN
Horn, Roozemond.
20 min
Using Open Mathematical Documents to Interface Computer Algebra and Proof Assistant Systems
Heras, Pascual, Rubio.
20 min
Collaborative Assistant to Handle MathML Expressions
Aslam, Martinez Enriquez, Escalada-Imaz.
20 min
Collection Management in ActiveMath
20 min
The FMathL Project
Schodl, Neumaier, Schichl.

Saturday 11 July 6:15-7:15    Recognition (Session Chair: Masakazu Suzuki)

25 min
A Linear Grammar Approach to Mathematical Formula Recognition from PDF
Baker, Sexton, Sorge.
20 min
Confidence Measures in Recognizing Handwritten Mathematical Symbols
Golubitsky, Watt.

Sunday 12 July 8:30-10:30    Representations 2 (Session Chair: Volker Sorge)

25 min
A Saturated Extension of Lambda-bar-mu-mu-tilde
Mamane, Geuvers, McKinna.
25 min
Finite Groups Representation Theory with Coq
Ould Biha.
20 min
The MMT Language
20 min
Natural Deduction Environment for Matita
Sacerdoti Coen, Tassi.
25 min
Unifying Math Ontologies: A Tale of Two Standards
Davenport, Kohlhase.

Sunday 12 July 11:00-12:00    Deduction and Rule-based systems (Session Chair: Tetsuo Ida)

25 min
MathLang Translation to Isabelle Syntax
Lamar, Kamareddine, Wells.
20 min
Crafting a Repository of Knowledge Based on Transformation Rules
Rich, Jeffrey.

Sunday 12 July 3:00-4:00    Plenary Presentation

Software Engineering for Mathematics
Georges Gonthier

Sunday 12 July 4:20-6:00    Applications (Session Chair: Bruce Miller)

25 min
OpenMath Content Dictionaries for SI Quantities and Units
25 min
Web Services for Active Mathematical Documents
Giceva, Lange, Rabe.
25 min
Compensating the Computational Bias of Spreadsheets with MKM Techniques
25 min
Spreadsheet Interaction with Frames: Exploring a Mathematical Practice