Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics

CICM 2009

Grand Bend, Ontario (CANADA), 5-12 July 2009

Travel Information


The CICM meetings will be held at the Oakwood Inn in Grand Bend, Ontario. Grand Bend is a small town on the "west coast" of Ontario, that is the sandy eastern shore of Lake Huron, the third largest fresh water lake in the world.

The Grand Bend tourism site www.visitgrandbend.com provides information about events, attractions, restauraunts and alternative lodging.

Air Travel

International travellers can fly into Buffalo (BUF) or Detroit (DTW), in the United States, or Toronto (YYZ) or Hamilton (YHM), in Canada.

London is the closest city to Grand Bend. Both Toronto and Detroit airports offer short connecting flights to London (YXU) and regular shuttle bus service. Also, the RobertQ Airbus service offers a shuttle service between the Toronto airport (YYZ) and London and between the Detroit airport (DTW) and London.

Buses from Toronto Airport (YYZ)


Reserved (as of July 4, 4:30 pm GMT):

Departure timeN ticketsFare
July 5, 15:30
July 5, 17:30
July 6, 13:30
July 6, 19:30
July 9, 21:30

Passengers who have confirmed their reservations should have received an email explaining how to check in for the shuttle.

Further requests for shuttles to Grand Bend are welcome. Shuttles depart every 2 hours, first shuttle at 7:30, last at 23:30. The fare depends on the number of passengers: $161 for a single ticket, $94 each for two tickets, $71 each for three, and in general 140 / n + 24 per ticket with n = 2 to 9 passengers.

We will be happy to make group reservations for CICM participants and guests. Participants looking for a ride to Grand Bend around the times listed in the above table are welcome to email their requests for tickets to cicm2009@csd.uwo.ca. Participants arriving at a different time are especially encouraged to email their requests, because the price reduction from a single ticket to two tickets is substantial. Reservations are accepted 24 hours before the trip (please also leave us some time to contact Stratford Airporter).

Reservations for the return trip from Grand Bend to Toronto will be processed at the end of this week and / or during the conference.

Public Transportation

Stratford Airporter provides shuttle service from Toronto Airport to Grand Bend via Stratford, Ontario. For reservations please call +1 888 549-8602 or +1 519 273-0057. The buses depart from Toronto Airport every two hours, first bus at 7:30 and last bus at 23:30. The fares are 161 CAD for a single ticket, 188 CAD for two tickets (one-way, taxes included).

It is possible to take a taxi cab from London, Ontario to Grand Bend for about CAD 130.

Regular shuttle buses from Toronto and Detroit airports to London, Ontario are provided by Robert Q and Aboutown. Reservations are required.

It is also possible to reach London Via Rail and by Greyhound Bus.

Car Rental

Those wishing to rent a car can do so at any of the Detroit, London or Toronto airports. Driving directions from these airports are given at the following links:

  • London Airport (YXU) to the Oakwood Inn, Grand Bend (78km). [Directions]
  • Toronto Airport (YYZ) to the Oakwood Inn, Grand Bend (204km). [Directions]
  • Detroit Airport (DTW) to the Oakwood Inn, Grand Bend (211 km). [Directions]
Each of these links gives driving directions. There is a check box at the top of each that can be used to show a map of the route.

Visa Requirements

Before you plan your travel to Canada, please determine whether you need a visa. The Canadian government web site giving this information is www.cic.gc.ca/EnGLIsh/visit/visas.asp. Bona fide participants in the conference can obtain invitation letters if required