ORCCA encourages short-term visits by researchers in Computer Algebra and related areas. Such visistors, either to the UW campus or to the UWO campus, will play a significant role in the life of the Centre. Please send e-mail to the following addres to discuss potential visits:

  • Peter Borwein (Simon Fraser University)
  • Laurent Bernardin ETH/WMI
  • Renate Scheidler (University of Delaware)
  • David Saunders, (University of Delaware)
  • Laureano Gonzalez-Vega (UWO) Universidad de Cantabria, Spain Feb 1999
  • John D. Pryce (UWO) R.M.C. of Science, UK Feb 1999
  • Lawrence F. Shampine (UWO) S.M.U., Dallas, TX May 1999
  • Sergei Abramov (UW) Moscow State U., Russia Jun--Jul 1999
  • David Bailey (UWO) Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley Nov 1999
  • Wayne Eberly (UWO) University of Calgary Nov 1999
  • Wayne Enright (UWO) University of Toronto Nov 1999
  • Martin Gander (UWO) McGill University Nov 1999
  • Thierry Gauthier (UWO) Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble/France) Feb 2000
  • Erich Kaltofen (UWO) North Carolina State University Feb 2000
  • J. Munoz (UWO)
  • Jose Antonio Cordon (UWO) Spain Aug 1999
  • Gilles Villard (UWO) LMC-IMAG / Equipe Calcul Formel Feb 2000
  • D. E. Knuth (Stanford) October 2000 Photo (taken by Jeff Shallit )
    Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, (taken by Charles Dunham)
  • David Saunders (UWO) University of Delaware Jan 2001