Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

3rd Workshop on Pen-Based Mathematical Computation


Grand Bend, Ontario (CANADA), 8-9 July 2009


Wednesday, 8 July 8:30-10:30

45 min Recognizing Mathematical Notation: Techniques, Challenges, and Opportunities
Richard Zanibbi

30 min MathBrush II: Current status
George Labahn

30 min MathBrush: A Case Study in Usability of a Pen-Math Interface
Edward Lank

Wednesday, 8 July 11:00-12:00

30 min Portable Capture and Rendering of Calligraphic Ink Strokes
Rui Hu

30 min An Ink and Audio Chat Add-on for Skype
Amit Regmi

Wednesday 8 July 3:00-4:00

55 min Math-Literate Computers (Invited)
Dorothea Blostein

Wednesday, 8 July 4:20-6:00

30 min Handwritten Mathematical Symbol Classification Using Layout Context
Ling Ouyang and Richard Zanibbi

30 min Tools for the Efficient Generation of Hand-Drawn Corpora Based on Context-Free Grammars
Scott MacLean

30 min Intelligent Combination of Structural Analysis Algorithms: Application to Mathematical Expression Recognition
Amit Pillay and Richard Zanibbi

Thursday, 9 July 9:00-10:30

30 min Math Spotting in Technical Documents Using Handwritten Queries
Li Yu and Richard Zanibbi

45 min Geometric Methods in Mathematical Handwriting Recognition
Stephen Watt