Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra

Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics

CICM 2009

Grand Bend, Ontario (CANADA), 5-12 July 2009



As computers and communications technology advance, greater opportunities arise for intelligent mathematical computation. While computer algebra, automated deduction, mathematical publishing and novel user interfaces individually have long and successful histories, we are now seeing increasing opportunities for synergy among these areas.

The Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM) form a collection of inter-related meetings, held together, allowing researchers and practitioners to share recent results and identify the next challenges.

Plenary Speakers


CICM 2009 includes two international conferences:

  • 16th Symposium on the Integration of Symbolic and Mechanized Reasoning - Calculemus, 6 - 7 July
  • 8th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management - MKM, 10 - 12 July
as well as a range of complementing workshops
  • 2nd Workshop on Compact Computer Algebra - CCA, 10 July
  • 2nd Workshop on Towards a Digital Mathematics Library - DML, 8 - 9 July
  • 4th Workshop on Mathematical User Interfaces - MathUI, 6 July
  • 22nd Workshop on OpenMath - OpenMath, 9 July
  • 3rd Workshop on Pen-Based Mathematical Computation - PenMath, 8 - 9 July
  • W3C Math Working Group Meeting, 7 July


CICM will be held at the Oakwood Inn Resort, located on the sandy shore of Lake Huron at Grand Bend, Ontario (Canada).

Separating Canada from the USA, Lake Huron is the second largest of the five Great Lakes. Although it is traditionally considered a separate entity from Lake Michigan, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are actually one lake, sometimes called Lake Michigan-Huron, which is the largest body of fresh water in the world by surface area. Lake Huron contains 30,000 islands, most of which are in the huge Georgian Bay on the northeast side of the lake. Even before the arrival of the French and British, Lake Huron was an important waterway. Since 1959 it has been a segment of the St. Lawrence Seaway that enables ocean-going vessels to reach the port of Duluth, Minnesota, which is 3,700 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. Like all the Great Lakes, Lake Huron is stunningly beautiful when the weather is good but full of fury and danger when the weather is bad. Over 1000 shipwrecks lie at the bottom of Lake Huron. Known for its beaches, sand dunes, and sunsets, the east coast of Lake Huron, on which Grand Bend is situated, is a gigantic vacation land a few hours away from the major cities of southern Ontario.


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