PASCO Program

The PASCO - SHARCNET tutorials will be held in the North Campus Building, Room 285.

Thursday, July 26
PASCO - SHARCNET Tutorials Morning
8:15- 9:15 Tutorial 1 Gary Molenkamp.
Introduction to SHARCNET: The Supercomputing Facilities around You
9:15-9:30 Pause
9:30-10:45 Tutorial 2 (part 1) Ge Baolai
Practical High Performance Computing
10:45-11:00 Coffee-Break
11:00-11:45 Tutorial 2 (part 2) Ge Baolai
Practical High Performance Computing
11:45-12:45 Lunch
PASCO - SHARCNET Tutorials Afternoon
12:45-15:45 Tutorial 3: David McCaughan.
Parallel Software Design
15:45-16:00 Coffee-Break
16:00-18:00 Tutorial 4: Hanan Lutfiyya.
Implications of CPU Cache Replacement Algorithms on Performance

Both PASCO and SNC conferences will be held in the North Campus Building, Room 117.

Friday, July 27
8:15-8:50 Registration
8:50-9:00 PASCO Opening and Welcome
Session chair: Marc Moreno Maza
9:00-9:55 [PASCO] Invited Talk: Katherine Yelick.
Productivity and Performance Using Partitioned Global Address Space Languages
9:55-10:00 Pause
10:00-10:25 [SNC] Victor Pan.
The Schur Aggregation for Solving Linear Systems of Equations
10:25-10:45 Break
Session chair: Tateaki Sasaki
10:45-11:10 [PASCO] Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Philippe Elbaz-Vincent, Pascal Giorgi and Anna Urbanska.
Parallel Computation of the Rank of Large Sparse Matrices from Algebraic K-Theory
11:10-11:35 [SNC] Marc Normandin, Adam Vajda and Sreeram Valluri.
Matched Filtering a Gravitational Wave Pulsar Signal Involving Reciprocal Gamma Functions
11:35-11:40 Pause
11:40-12:35 [SNC] Invited Talk: Erich Kaltofen.
On Probabilistic Analysis of Randomization in Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Algorithms
12:35-2:00 Lunch
SNC-PASCO Afternoon
Session chair: Stephen Watt
2:00-2:25 Paul DeMarco.
Parallel and Distributed Computation Using Maple 11
2:25-2:30 Pause
2:30-3:25 Invited Talk: Anthony Kennedy.
Automating Renormalization of Quantum Field Theories
3:25-3:30 Pause
3:30-3:55 [PASCO] David Saunders, Bruce Char and Bryan Youse.
LinBox and Future High Performance Computer Algebra
3:55-4:15 Break
Session chair: Jeremy Johnson
4:15-4:40 [PASCO] Marc Moreno Maza and Yuzhen Xie.
Component-level Parallelization of Triangular Decompositions
4:40-5:05 [SNC] Victor Y. Pan and Xiaodong Yan.
Null Space and Eigenspace Computations with Additive Preprocessing
5:05-5:30 [PASCO] Anton Leykin.
Computing Monodromy via Parallel Homotopy Continuation
6:00 Banquet at the Grad Club (Middlesex College)
After-dinner speaker: Keith Geddes

Both PASCO and SNC conferences will be held in the North Campus Building, Room 117.

Saturday, July 28
8:15-9:00 Registration
PASCO Morning
Session chair: Jean-Louis Roch
9:00- 9:55 Invited Talk: Thierry Gautier.
KAAPI: a Thread Scheduling Runtime System for Data Flow Computations on Cluster of Multi-Processors
9:55-10:00 Pause
Session chair: Wayne Eberly
10:00-10:25 Ilias Kotsireas and Christos Koukouvinos.
Orthogonal Designs and Periodic Autocorrelation Function
10:25-10:50 Vincent Danjean, Roland Gillard, Serge Guelton, Jean-Louis Roch and Thomas Roche.
Adaptive Loops with Kaapi on SMP and Grids: Applications in Symmetric Cryptography
10:50-11:10 Break
Session chair: Jean-Guillaume Dumas
11:10-11:35 Marc Moreno Maza, Ben Stephenson, Stephen Watt and Yuzhen Xie.
Multiprocessed Parallelism Support in ALDOR on SMPs and Multicores
11:35-12:00 Yosuke Sato and Shutaro Inoue.
On the Parallel Computation of Comprehensive Groebner Systems
12:00-12:25 Xin Li and Marc Moreno Maza.
Multithreaded Parallel Implementation of Arithmetic Operations Modulo a Triangular Set
12:25-12:50 Philippe Trebuchet and Mohab Safey El Din.
POSIX Threads Polynomials (PTPol): a Scalable Implementation of Univariate Arithmetic Operations
12:50-14:15 Lunch
PASCO Afternoon
Session chair: Erich Kaltofen
14:15-15:10 Invited Talk: Matteo Frigo.
Multithreaded Programming in Cilk
15:10-15:15 Pause
Session chair: Michael Monagan
15:15-15:40 Thomas Wolf.
About Parallelizing the Search for 3-Dimensional Scalar Discrete Integrable Equations
15:40-16:05 Sebastien Varrette and Jean-Louis Roch.
Probabilistic Certification on Global Computing Platforms. Application to Fault-Tolerant Exact Matrix-Vector Product.
16:05-16:25 Break
Session chair: David Saunders
16:25-16:50 Eric Robinson, Daniel Kunkle and Gene Cooperman.
A Comparative Analysis of Parallel Disk-Based Methods for Enumerating Implicit Graphs
16:50-17:15 Amadeo Casas, Manuel Carro and Manuel V. Hermenegildo.
Towards Efficient and Flexible Parallelism Primitives in High-Level, Symbolic Languages
17:15-17:20 Pause
Session chair: Marc Moreno Maza
17:20-18:15 Invited Talk: Mike Bauer.
High Performance Computing: the Software Challenges