A number of projects involving MathML are being currently developed at ORCCA:

Mathematical Handwriting Recognition for the Pocket PC

TeX to MathML Conversion

TeX is a very powerful typesetting tool, especially when it comes to typesetting mathematics. The huge number of TeX documents published over the past few decades only prove TeX's popularity. However, there are certain things that cannot be easily done with TeX documents, one of which is web publishing. Therefore, we felt that it is important to create a tool to translate TeX mathematics into the, increasingly popular, MathML format. Being an XML application, MathML inherits all of XML's advantages. An added advantage of MathML is that MathML-endoded mathematical objects can be easily exchanged between MathML-enabled applications, while preserving semantics of those objects.

An on-line version of a TeX to MathML
translator is available. You can also find the specification for a map file, which specifies the relationships between MathML and TeX, here.

Stylesheets and Notations for Mathematics

It is sometimes necessary to convert mathematical documents into a number of different forms. We investigate how this may be achieved. The project has various facets, we discuss these below: This is an ongoing project, with developments continually taking place. Further details of the project are given

MathML and Aldor

It is occasionally desired to be able to communicate between a computer algebra system and some external resource, perhaps another computer algebra system. An effective and efficient way to do this is to use MathML markup as an external representation for the mathematical objects which the computer algebra system wishes to communicate. A situation where presentation MathML might be used could be if an object had to be sent to a web browser or printer. A situation where content MathML could be used, is in communication of the semantic meaning of objects between computer algebra systems. The current project involves creating a translation engine between the Aldor computer algebra system and both presentation MathML and content MathML. Further details of this project, may be found at
this website.

Schema for MathML

This is work in progress.

MathML Rendering

The main goal of the project is to design and implement an architecture for typesetting mathematics encoded in
MathML. Surprisingly enough, the task is more challenging than one might think at first. The same markup can be rendered in a variety of different target media, each with different, peculiar rendering capabilities. The user may request different particular requirements at the same time, for example editing, quality, interactivity, etc.

A reference that we could use for this work is GtkMathView. This may be considered as a simplified prototype of this architecture.
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