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Elena Smirnova

Elena Smirnova


At The University of Western Ontario, ORCCA

At The University of Paris - XII Val de Marne

At The Saint-Petersburg State University


Recent publications and presentations

  1. (new) Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt
    "Context Sensitive Mathematical Character Recognition",
    Proc. International Conference on Frontiers for Handwriting Recognition, (ICFHR 2008),
    2008, Montreal, QB, Canada,(in press).
    Full paper

  2. Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt
    "A cross-application architecture for pen-based mathematical interfaces",
    Proc. The Mathematical User-interfaces workshop 2007, (MathUI 2007),
    July 2007, RISC, Austria.
    Full paper

  3. Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt
    "Generating TeX from Mathematical Content with Respect to Notational Settings",
    Proc. International Conference on Digital Typography & Electronic Publishing: Localization & Internationalization, (TUG 2006),
    November 2006, Marrakech, Morocco, pp. 96-105.
    Full paper

  4. Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt
    "Notation Selection in Mathematical Computing Environments",
    Proc. Transgressive Computing 2006: A conference in honor or Jean Della Dora , (TC 2006),
    April 24-26 2006, Granada Spain, pp. 339-355.
    Full paper

  5. Mike Dewar, Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt.
    XML in Mathematical Web Services,
    in: Proceedings of XML 2005 Conference -- Syntax to Semantics, (XML 2005),
    November 14-18 2005, Atlanta USA, 25 pages (accepted).
    Full paper

  6. Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt.
    A Context for Pen-Based Computing, in: Book of proceedings Maple Conference 2005, July 17-21 2005,
    Waterloo Canada, Maplesoft, pages 409-422.
    Full paper

  7. Elena Smirnova, Stephen Watt. Framework For Pen-Based Mathematical Applications (poster),
    The Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS),
    6th Annual Conference, May 2005, University of Calgary, Calgary AB, Canada. Conference Program -- Poster Abstracts, page 27.
    Full poster: PDF, 1.85M

  8. Clare M. So, Elena Smirnova, Stephen M. Watt.
    An Architecture for Distributed Mathematical Web Services,
    in: Andrea Asperti, Grzegorz Bancerek, Andrzej Trybulec (Eds.):
    Mathematical Knowledge Management, Third International Conference, MKM 2004
    LNCS 3119 Springer-Verlag, 2004. pages 363-377

  9. Elena Smirnova, Stephen M. Watt.
    Symbolic Solver Services. Wrapper Tools Release Candidate.
    Technical Report for MONET Project: Public Deliverable 23,
    The MONET Consortium (IST-2001-34145), 2004, 61 pages.
    PDF, 425K (MONET members only)

  10. Walter Barbera-Medina, Elena Smirnova, Clare M. So and Stephen M. Watt.
    Symbolic Service Release Candidate. Technical Report for MONET Project: Public Deliverable 21,
    The MONET Consortium (IST-2001-34145), 2004,35 pages.
    PDF, 230K (MONET members only)

  11. Smirnova, S.M. Watt.
    "Using Computer Algebra Systems In The Development of Mathematical Web Services",
    East Coast Computer Algebra Day 2004 (ECCAD), May 2004,
    Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON, Canada,, page 12.

  12. E. Smirnova, Clare M. So, S.M. Watt.
    Providing mathematical Web Services Using Maple in the MONET Architecture,
    MONET Workshop University of Bath, 16-17 March 2004,
    Presentation PDF

  13. Elena Smirnova, Stephen Watt
    An Approach to Mathematical Notation
    MKM-2004, Phoenix, Arizona
    Abstract (PDF, 186K) | Presentation materials (PDF, 244K)

  14. Elena Smirnova and Stephen M. Watt
    MathML to TeX Conversion: Conserving high-level semantics.
    Demo description.
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