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Special Session

Compact Computer Algebra

Applications for Computer Algebra 2008

July 27-30, 2008. RISC, Linz, Austria

A few decades ago, minimizing resource use was a crucial factor in the development of any computer algebra software. Many successful systems were born under these conditions, including CAMAL, Maple, Derive and Macaulay as examples. Since then, hardware improvements have pushed the concern of base resource requirements into the background: the user interfaces to modern systems typically require more resources to launch than the algebra engine, and algorithm implementation often focuses on the complexity to solve very large problems.

The art of compact computer algebra is becoming again increasingly important. New directions for symbolic computing include the migration from workstations to handheld devices and the changing role from standalone applications to lightweight services within integrated systems. Whether running on a graphing calculator or as support of a client-side web application, certain applications of computer algebra require compact data representation, space-efficient algorithms and effective memory management.

The purpose of this session is to communicate efforts in research, design, development and application of compact computer algebra. We invite contributions in all aspects of this area, including, but not limited to

  • math education tools (eg. Derive, TI-Nspire, Class-Pad, HP 50g),
  • portable and Internet-accessible symbolic calculators (eg. Mate, Symbolic Calculator),
  • CAS for personal digital assistants (eg. AsirPad).
  • "spell checkers" for math content in document processing software
  • validators for online and offline mathematical recognizers
  • backend engines to pen-computing interfaces
  • math editing components for 2D expression

Invited Speakers


If you are interested in presenting your work at CCA, please visit Call for Papers and Software Demos page for instructions on submission for contributions.

Important Dates

  • Abstracts Due
  • -- June 30
  • Conference
  • -- July 27-30
  • Compact Computer Algebra Session  
  • -- July 29


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